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【2 hours with drinking water】 "Premium" course A5 Yonezawa beef, thick cut tongue, exquisite loin, etc. are exhausted as one word of luxury

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All-you-can-drink available

· Bottle wine and brand name All drinks are subject to all-you-can-drink except cold alcohol ■ 2 hour / glass exchange system (last order is 15 minutes before the end)

Available days for reservation
Monday - Saturday, Sunday and public holidays - Holidays

Yonezawa beef A5 sirloin which is also one of the three biggest Japanese beef tears in Japan, the highest grade American thick slice tan, the only top grade streaks / roses, super rare Japanese beef Harami.If you mention it, you can taste the extravagant luxury that you do not have.

Course menu

■ Homemade Kimchi 4 kinds of flavors

(Chinese cabbage, Kakuteki, Oikimuchi, Seasonal vegetables)

■ Assorted Namulu

(Komatsuna, mainspring, soybean sprouts, vinegar of radish and carrot)

~ Salt-grilled ~

■ Yonezawa beef A5 sirloin thick steak

Luxury domestic beef fillet

■ Wagyu Beef Poached Misuji

■ Top Thickest Thick-Yarn Than Ultra-Thick

~ Grilled sauce ~

■ Yonezawa beef A5 sirloin super large trial sukiyaki wind grilled meat

■ Super rare Wagyu Beef Tamaki Harami

■ Wagyu Beef Extra Loose

Wagyu beefstarch

■ Wagyu Soshin

■ Wagyu Beef Roses rose

■ Wagyu maka-no-mi

■ Wagyu Beef Tomosakaku

■ Wagyu Minosando


■ Samgyetang soup

■ Dessert (Practice Strawberry Ice or Petit Shu)

■ White rice (medium size / 1 person cup) is attached.

Course contents are partially changed depending on arrival status

There is a case, but please understand.

All-you-can-drink menu

·draft beer
- Bottled beer
· Milking the most ■ Dry premium
· Non-Alcohol Beer
· Doraizero
High ball various
· High Ball · Lemon High Ball · Lime High Ball · Cassis High Ball · Peach High Ball · Green Apple Ball High Ball · Plum High Ball · Ginger High Ball · Coke High Ball · Iceland High Ball
·Fruit wine
· Plum wine ■ Apricot sake
Sour various
· Lemon Sour ■ Lime Sour ■ Cassis Sour ■ Peach Sour ■ Plum Sour ■ Blue Apple Sour ■ Calpis Sour ■ Plain
Shochu various
· Wheat: Ichi ■ Ipomoe: Golden Black ■ Potato: Miya no Mai ■ Rice: Meat Shochu "29" ■ Korean Shochu: Miramune (Plain, Acerola, Yuzu, Plum)
- Cocktails
· Shandigafu ■ Red Eye ■ Cassisubia ■ Cassis Orange ■ Cassis Oolong ■ Peach Beer ■ Campari Soda ■ Campari Orange ■ Campari Tomato
Hard cider
- Rice wine
· Makgeolli ■ Raw Makgeoli
- Shaoxing rice wine
- A glass of wine
·Red and white
Soft drinks
· Orange juice ■ Coke ■ Ginger ale ■ Carpi ■ Stomato juice ■ Oolong tea ■ Black oolong tea

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