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"Premium" course A 5 Yonezawa beef, thick cut tongue, exquisite loin, etc. are exhausted as one word of luxury

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Yonezawa beef A5 sirloin which is also one of the three biggest Japanese beef cattle in Japan, the highest grade American thick slice tan, the only top grade streak, roast and super rare Japanese beef's Harami.If you mention it, you can taste the extravagant luxury that you do not have.

Course menu

■ Homemade Kimchi 4 kinds of flavors

(Chinese cabbage, Kakuteki, Oikimuchi, Seasonal vegetables)

■ Assorted Namulu

(Komatsuna, mainspring, soybean sprouts, vinegar of radish and carrot)

~ Salt-grilled ~

■ Yonezawa beef A5 sirloin thick steak

Luxury domestic beef fillet

■ Wagyu Beef Poached Misuji

■ Top Thickest Thick-Yarn Than Ultra-Thick

~ Grilled sauce ~

■ Yonezawa beef A5 sirloin super large trial sukiyaki wind grilled meat

■ Super rare Wagyu Beef Tamaki Harami

■ Wagyu Beef Extra Loose

Wagyu beefstarch

■ Wagyu Soshin

■ Wagyu Beef Roses rose

■ Wagyu maka-no-mi

■ Wagyu Beef Tomosakaku

■ Wagyu Minosando


■ Samgyetang soup

■ Dessert (Practice Strawberry Ice or Petit Shu)

■ White rice (medium size / 1 person cup) is attached.

Course contents are partially changed depending on arrival status

There is a case, but please understand.

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